Academic Services

New Learning Resources School District services students K-12th grade in a positive and stimulating learning environment. Emphasis is placed on keeping instructional groups small and teaching to the individual student.

Dyslexia Programs

New Learning Resources School District offers a full-time Dyslexia Therapy Program for students K-12th grade. In addition, these services are open to the public after hours by appointment.  Mississippi Dyslexia Centers offers therapy to individuals of all ages. In partnership with New Summit School, MDC offers therapy during the school day, after school and also through virtual technology. MDC is dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet the needs of all learners. 

Early Childhood Autism Programs


New Learning Resources School District expanded its services in Fall 2017 to provide a Spectrum Academy. The Academy will focus on school readiness for children on the spectrum. The vision is to provide evidence-based instruction that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and prepare students to reach their highest level of independence within a motivating school environment. 

Consultation Services

New Learning Resources School District work closely with other schools to provide trainers, dyslexia therapist, autism coordinators and learning specialist to help children succeed in school. All our experts are highly qualified and trained in working with children in these areas.


The Supplemental Educational Services (SES) is extra tutoring outside of the regular school day in reading, language arts and mathematics.

After School Program

New Learning Resources School District offers an after school program for students at New Summit and North New Summit. The primary focus of the program is to enhance academic achievement through enrichment and tutoring in the areas of math and English.

Summer School Program

Summer courses are available on campus and online to allow students to move forward academically.

Summer Enrichment Programs

New Learning Resources School District offers a summer enrichment program for grades K-6th grade. These services are open to the public and New Summit School students. Each year there is a different theme that focuses on unique enrichment activities including: art, exploration, mathematics, and reasoning skills for the students.

Online Courses

New Learning Resources Online is a distance learning division of New Learning Resources School District which is designed to guide students through the requirement necessary to earn a high school diploma. Students who quality for the high school online diploma program are eligible for the following track options: Standard or Career Diploma.

Senior Academic Recovery Programs

New Learning Resources School District offers an educational program for seniors who could not graduate due to the lack of success on subject areas tests. The program is offered for students committed to earning a high school diploma.

Rural Entrepeneurship Through Action Learning (REAL)

New Learning Resources School District offers the REAL program, which helps individuals, schools, communities, and businesses grow through hands-on entrepreneurship education. REAL helps prepare young adults to be active, self-sufficient, and productive citizens who can contribute to their community’s economic and social development.

Multi-Sensory Learning Classes

The multisensory learning system, an instructional process, combines speech recordings with graphic and text to provide a stimulating, full-spectrum learning environment. The computer based reading program enables teachers to adapt, carefully and simply, each student’s learning environment to his/her learning requirements.

Life Skills Classes

In partnership with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and the Mississippi Community Education Center, New Learning Resources School District is certified to offer counseling services to students. Class discussions and activities address various issue facing today’s youth, such as: character education, peer relationships, emotional health, abstinence, teen alcohol and drug use.

Project Base Learning

New Learning Resources School District is all about hands on learning. Project Based Learning is all about the idea that students learn best when they take on a real problem, and with the instructor’s guidance, own the challenges of solving it. 

Reading Intervention

New Learning Resources School District offers a full-time reading specialist for students with reading problems. Critical literacy skills are provided as well as specific techniques that are aimed in developing those skills to help the child improve his/her reading skills.


New Learning Resources School District offers psycho-educational evaluations for students and adults to determine dyslexia, academic achievement, mental ability, and ADHD. Assessment batteries are tailored to the individual's needs. All test materials are norm-referenced and compared to other individuals by age.

• Intellectual tests measure the individual's overall learning potential. Intellectual evaluations may include verbal concept formation, nonverbal reasoning, working memory, and processing speed.

• Achievement tests will help determine strengths and weakness mainly in the following areas: Word Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Decoding, Reading Fluency, Math Reasoning, Math Calculation, Listening Comprehension, and Written Expression.

• Dyslexia is a language-based reading disorder which is characterized by difficulty reading or decoding words. If testing for dyslexia, a comprehensive evaluation of the individual's phonological processing is included.

• An individual's ability to understand and communicate language skills may be screened. If the student's language ability appears to be deficient, further evaluation may be recommended for an evaluation with a speech and language pathologist.

• Computerized performance testing may also be included to help in the assessment of ADHD. The Quotient ADHD Test is a FDA-cleared technology for objective measurement aiding in the assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  It measures motion and analyzes shifts in attention state to give an assessment of the core symptom areas of ADHD: Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, and Inattention.