A Message From the Founder,

Through many years in education, I've become aware of the great need for education diversity and flexible instructional programs which enhance student learning. These instructional designs are an active part of the daily operations of New Learning Resources School District. New Learning Resources provide exceptional and innovative educational services for students with diverse learning styles. These instructional styles support the ultimate goal of providing a quality education for every student. 


NLRSD employs competent administrators, teachers, and support staff to provide students with quality educational opportunities. An ongoing staff development program keeps staff members' current on educational trends, teaching strategies, and practices needed to provide meaningful educational opportunities for students. The faculty is comprised of instructors who are licensed by the Mississippi Department of Education.  


Dr. Nancy New
Founder of New Learning Resources School District 

Our Philosophy

New Learning Resources School District is dedicated to the educational philosophy that considers the diverse needs of today's students and families. The school district's primary goal is to extend the students' foundation for academic and career achievement. NLRSD recognizes the need for an individual, motivational and intellectual student environment. 

Our History

New Learning Resources Inc. was established in 1991 as an educational training service to include an onsite learning lab. Because of the demand for more full-time educational services for school-aged children, the learning lab grew into a full-service school in 1995-1996. In 1997, New Learning Resources earned accreditation and began New Summit School. New Learning Resources continued to expand its services Nationally and internationally. In 2004, North New Summit School was established as a full-time kindergarten through twelfth grades school and in 2005 New Summit Academy was established through New Learning Resources. In 2009, New Learning Resources became a school district accredited through AdvancED.

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