Our Philosophy

New Learning Resources School District is dedicated to the educational philosophy that considers the diverse needs of today's students and families. The school district's primary goal is to extend the students' foundation for academic and career achievement. NLRSD recognizes the need for an individual, motivational and intellectual student environment for students with diverse learning styles. 

In addition to offering the compulsory subjects required by an accredited school, the district incorporates innovative educational approaches into the daily curriculum model. The school district's experienced educators and counselors take pride in reaching all of the students equally, while taking into uccountthe various learning styles and skill levels that are represented. Through instructional needs and custom designs an educational plan suited to meet those needs. At New Learning Resources, we strive to encourage students to realize their full academic and creative abilities, develop strong values, and eventually determine how they will contribute to the community in their own individual way. 

New Learning Resources is commended for its ideal accreditation status as part of New Learning Resources School District (NLRSD). NLRSD is accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) and Cognia. New Learning Resources is qualified for all the privileges and services of state, national, and international professional recognition. 
Our History Timeline 


New Learning Resources, Inc., was established as an educational training service to include an onsite learning lab.


Demand for full-time educational services for school-aged children was the catalyst for the learning lab to grow into a full-service school. 


New Learning Resources earned accreditation and began New Summit School. 


New Learning Resources Online was established. 


North New Summit School was established. 


New Summit Academy Costa Rica was established. 


New Learning Resources School District became a school district accredited through AdvancEd/SACS. 


Spectrum Academy was established. 


South New Summit School was established. 


Oxford University School was incorporated to NLRSD.